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james zamora

Despite the poverty in the Philippines, there is still a way out there in order to survive. Any wellmeaning Filipino here or abroad should think about these people first. Otherwise, all talks to help Inang Bayan Pilipinas is purely an intellectual exercises, for a master's or Ph D degrêe.


Come to think of it, we get eggs from nests that are also filled with poultry droppings.


Very informative series, Sidney! And with easter coming up...


Hi Sidney, pourquoi de la terre ?
Ces oeufs doivent être très salés après 20 jours.
En as-tu mangé de ces oeufs de toutes les couleurs?


messy talaga ang work place nya ano ? -_- anyhow.. sarap naman ang outcome. hehe


Am I the only one who has no idea of salted eggs... I'm not an egg person I'm learning a lot here.


Very hard working kids. I knew that they are soaked in salt, just didn't realize, that they are soaked in mud. I also like my salted eggs mixed with tomatoes.


What a sweatshop but these cottage industries provide a means of livelihood for people who would otherwise be unemployed.


i love eating salted eggs with tomatoes... there's nothing like it... sarap...
nice series sidney... :)

Major Tom

My wife had a fondness for eating salted eggs, especially with red tomatoes. But I like eating balut more...


très bien et très étrange! mais j'aime bien


Great series again, Sidney! I've just eaten two salted eggs, lol. ;)


just catching up after a few days...what an amazing series! your blog really does reach the parts that other blogs never dream to imagine. simply stunning work.


Très intéressante série!
Le travail semble vraiment pénible et rudimentaire.


oh I hope body sweat is not part of the process lolz :)

I love salted egg especially when served with tomatoes :)


Does look like hard labor but the outcome is superb tasting !


Great set!


oh. so this is how they do it? interesting.

when i was younger, i thought they were already red and salty. silly me. hehe


Never tried making salted eggs before though I know the process. This series have proven to be a great insight for me Sid!

Thanks for sharing po!



i wonder what's the next series would be? hmmm...sometimes, you're scaring me Sidney.:D

anyway, we used to make salted eggs in elementary. yea, that's one of the nicest things i've learned as a child: making salted eggs and coloring its shell fuchsia.


i didn't know they dip those eggs in mud. i remember making salted eggs for my microbiology class sans the mud. =)

Otto K.

Excellent set, Sidney.


Looks like very hard work to me.
Very documentary again.


Your two last posts are very impressive. Thanks for these informations... I 've never think that it exists so much way to keep the eggs...


That looks like hard work! It's good to see a series showing a sequence like you often put up here, very interesting stuff!

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